Practicing soon!!

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Practice schedule will be up soon

Titan Youth Organization football is on it's way to practices and opening kickoff so parents bulk them up; and kids bring it on, football is here!


Yes one of our coordinators is willing to get you going with a football team in Titans Youth Organization. We have several teams that will be in your area. Contact us at (262) 478-7736 and you and your child will be ready for some football!


We will be having training camps soon to get kids in shape for this coming 2016 year!!

Yes Parents

We are still looking for coaches or volunteers that will like to be involved with the children helping out the Organization so contact our parent coordinator (262)478-7736 Coach Trina.

Roster expanding

We are constantly expanding Titans Youth Organization we have several teams that are near your area and we are looking for kids of all ages 5 years old up to High School seniors!! Full contact football helmet, shoulder pads for youth. High School level we compete against other high schools and get them ready for the High School season!!

Call up your friends, Family or whoever Titans Youth Organization is Here!

This is going to be a great year, so call the number and sign up today! Stay posted; updates are coming for schedules and other information.